Thursday, June 2, 2011

Spending Time at the Farm: Gardening

I had big ideas this year about the garden at the farm and so far it is amazing, but mostly because my FIL and husband have been working SO hard there.  I am proud to look at the progress and thankful for all their work.  There is a ton planted and more to be done this weekend and I think the only thing I've done so far is weed and water.  It is an amazing place to be still and enjoy the earth!

In case your wondering here is a list of what is in each row from left to right:
1: Strawberries, Filbert trees
2: Cabbage, Peas, Beans
3: Cabbage, Edamame, Leeks
4: Peppers, Tomatoes
5: Peppers, Sweet Corn, Swiss Chard
6-9: Peppers, Sweet Corn
10: Sweet potatoes
11: Potatoes
12: Apricot tree, Nectarine tree

Here is a before shot of the garden just so you can see how much work has been done, it's beautiful:

 The other garden is at home and also doing well.  It started with these:

 So far we are eating lettuce and peas, and will soon be munching on beets, garlic, kohlrabi, fennel, swiss chard, leeks, broccoli, zucchini, and peppers.  yum!

Nothing better than home grown lettuce!

We have run into some more bugs this year and they are HUNGRY.  We are controlling them mostly by mechanical removal but need to stay diligent about getting to the farm and removing them.  Jeff recently used some chrysanthemum extract spray and that seemed to help a lot.  Here are a few of our critters: