Thursday, April 14, 2011


About a month ago I dug my garden to get ready to plant and it has rained ever since.  Since the ground is too wet outside I started a plant project for inside.  I saw this great tutorial for these very neat hanging plants that are covered with moss on Design Sponge.

I followed the tutorial pretty exact and I think these came out pretty neat.

First I gathered all equipment:
Peat moss
Bonsai Soil
Sphagnum Moss
Cotton Thread

Then I mixed the soil and made these balls.

Removed soil from the plants

Wrapped the roots in sphagnum moss and cotton string

Placed the roots into the dirt balls and pressed moss onto dirt, then tied them like a gift.

Now I just have to find a way to hang them.  I am thinking a tension rod over the walk in shower...

For more details visit the link from Design sponge above.

I wish you enough!

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