Friday, May 11, 2012

Hardy Kiwi

If you follow my gardening posts from year to year, it seems like I always have some sort of project.  Last year was the Chile Verde and hot pepper relish projects and the year before that the pickle project.  

This year I am taking on something way more permanent:  Hardy Kiwi vines.  They are supposed to be pretty easy to grow since they are vines, but they need lots of pruning and attention and an amazing trellis.  We are looking ahead here about 3-5 years for fruit and I am so excited to try one... it's hard to wait for fruit plants to bear!!!

So far this amazing trellis was built by my FIL and Husband:

And three vines (2 female, 1 male) have been planted and watered:

 So now we wait and help them grow straight and tall and strong, then start pruning and loving them.  And hoping that these things taste REALLY good!  Each plant is supposed to bear 100 lbs. of fruit, so if that happens make sure you check your doorstep in the fall for little kiwi packages.

Other farm happenings include a fig that's not doing great, but don't worry I have propagated five more from this guy to be planted soon.  Heaven forbid we have a shortage of figs in the next few years.  I am spoiled!

And we may even get some plums this year!  I think this tree has been planted for three years???

I wish you enough!  (fruit)

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