Friday, August 27, 2010

Baby Suck Pads

Anyone who has a baby and uses a baby carrier knows they like to suck on the straps.  Leaving them soggy and sometimes difficult to clean.  I went on the search for a solution and found “suck pads” for the straps and thought, “Hey! I could make those.”  So here is how to do it:

For a 3 inch strap:
*Cut fabric 6.5 x 9 inches: you will need 4 sides and whatever material you want to put in the middle for absorbency, such as flannel, terry, or fleece.
*Layer two outer layers with right sides facing.
*Lay insides on top.

*Sew around outside starting in the middle of one of the long sides using ¼ inch seam.  **Make sure you stop your stitch 2.5 inches from where you started so that you can turn the pad right side out.

*Turn pad right side out making sure to form corners with chopstick or eraser end of pencil.

*Iron flat and sew a decorative stitch around edge to close seam.

*Add snaps with snap tool, or use Velcro.  (I luckily have a good friend who has an amazing snap tool that I got to borrow. Thank you.)

These are made with 4 layers of flannel and are reversible.  

**I have made some with terry on one side and cotton on the other.  Depends on what your baby likes to suck on.  

And one set that are also taggies!

So far I have made these for the Ergo and Beco carriers.  Which is a whole other topic because they are amazing carriers and it is sooo much fun and cuddly to wear your baby so close.  But these particular suck pads could be used for any straps that are 3" wide.


  1. How did you make them to be reversible?

  2. Thanks! I used your sizing to make some suck/drool pads and they turned out great!