Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fabric Sling Book Case

I've been searching for a cute way to display books in my little girl's room.  I wanted something that she could easily move books in and out, something that looked cute and that was generally easy to make or inexpensive.  Ah ha!  I found this wonderful tutorial to make a fabric sling book case.

I used this fabric that I bought at Joann's:

Then bought the hardware and rods, sewed the sling, and voila' a book case!  Thanks to my wonderful hubby who hung it for me.

The breakdown:
Fabric $6
Dowel $3
Double rod hanger $6
Total $15
Time 1 hour

I love it!  and want to make more, I just need to figure out where I would hang them...

I wish you enough (books)!