Monday, February 7, 2011

Hats, Baby Hats

I've been on a role lately with knitting and recently finished two adorable hats for my adorable baby girl.

One with butterfly stitches:

And One Imp Hat:

She only "likes" to wear hats outside in the cold so getting this picture was difficult and the green one least it was this morning.

On another note, I made a savory bread pudding the other day that I thought would be blog-worthy for sure.  Well, turns out it was the worst thing I made so far this year.  The picture is nice though and at least I know what to do differently next time.

Double Mushroom Bread Pudding

I wish you enough!


  1. the hats are adorable! I can't wait for my knitting lesson!

  2. Thanks Jen, the purple Imp hat is my new favorite! I can do a lesson whenever, let's set a date.