Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fried Green Pumpkin

My favorite food this week happened by accident.  We have been picking winter squash at the farm...

and found a nice small green one, so I decided to slice it up and try it out.

**see PS note below**

 It is wonderful!  Light, creamy, and tastes like the best summer squash ever.

And unfortunately I didn't get great pictures of it because it didn't last too long in that pan.

PS: that big white root behind the pumpkin is a type of daikon radish called a forage radish.  We use them at the farm as a cover crop and a natural way to loosen the soil.  The are supposed to grow to 18 inches long and when they die the soil is loose around the roots making it easier to work the field the next year.

I wish you enough!

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