Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hot Pepper Relish

When I start gardening every spring I get these "projects" in my mind and that leads my planting of certain veggies.  Like last year I made 85 jars of pickles using cucumbers and dill that I grew...  This year my only real project is salsa verde and I am still waiting for my tomatillos to ripen up.

Meanwhile I have peppers, lots of peppers!  Hot and sweet, long and short, skinny and fat, all delicious.  While searching recipes posted by two girls and a hammer I found a recipe for Hot Pepper Relish on my favorite food preservation web site.

Everything I have tried from the National Center for Home Food Preservation has been wonderful and this doesn't disappoint.  You can get the recipe here, Hot Pepper Relish.

Here are some photos from the process:

My changes to the recipe were:
I used 6 cups of banana, bell, and some other sweet variety, and 4 cups of jalapeno, anaheim, and poblano.
I used a food processor to grind the peppers.
I did not leave all of the seeds in the jalapenos.

It is wonderful!

I wish you enough.

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