Saturday, March 30, 2013

Name Posters

I go through cycles of creativity.  Right now I'm in full force and have changed a bunch of pictures in my frames, added pizzaz to frames, bought new curtains, and made these wonderful name posters for my girls rooms.

I bought a wonderful book of scrapbook paper and went to work picking papers and patterns.  I had these poster frames around the house and repurposed them for this project.  

I measured and decided the size of my letters then cut out a template so they'd all be the same size.

Then I drew my letters on the wrong side of the paper, making sure to draw them backwards.  

You could use the computer to make fancy letters and use them as a template but I just chose to draw them out in block letters. 

Measure twice, cut once, and glue onto your background. I used 11x14 frames, so I bought that size poster board to glue the name plate on.

 Fun to do and quick.  I finished one each night and now have a wonderful picture for their rooms.

 I wish you enough (color)!

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