Saturday, September 18, 2010


I love making bread.  Bread of all kinds, but mostly dense sourdough artisan bread.  In fact I can't think of a better thing to pull out of the oven and eat warm!  This will be the first of, probably, many bread posts and it just happens to be sweet bread.  What a great time of year to use up those baseball bat sized zucchini from the garden right?

Last night I had a relaxing time making Amish Friendship Bread.  It is made from a starter that is often shared with others much like a chain letter, but much tastier.  I received my starter from my MIL who got hers from someone at work.  As I can best tell she has given it to 6+ people and I gave it to 7 which ended my bread making for some time.  Then I got it back from a friend that I gave it to, who in turn had already given it to 11 people.  So boy, this bread has been around the block.

I will have 2 extra bags from this batch, let me know if you want one.

Amish Friendship Bread

You might ask yourself, what kind of wine should I drink when I make this bread???

Malbec is a nice choice, and I happen to like this one.

"Malbec originates from France, but it is Argentina where the grape truly thrives. While it is used primarily as a blending grape in Bordeaux, it has developed into a premium stand-alone varietal in Argentina."

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  1. The bread today was awesome (you might not have understood me when I tried to tell you that with my mouth full. I've got the directions for my loaf-I'll let you know how it turns out.