Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Time for Fun

So far this fall has been amazing.  We have made several small trips lately to enjoy the weather before fall chores set in and winter sneaks up on us.  I thought I would post a small guide about things to do with your family this fall because I have really enjoyed these places and am looking forward to visiting more.

Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge:  consists of 10,000 acres and hosts 267 species of birds, 35 species of reptiles and amphibian, and 36 different mammals.  The refuge is considered to have one of the best existing wetland habitat areas along the Atlantic Coast.
**Other nature centers and beaches nearby: Rehoboth Beach, Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge, Abbott's Mill Nature Center

Weber's Farm: a roadside farm market that has fall activities in the barn, and super yummy cider right now.
**Other farms near Baltimore with fall activities:  Larriland, Baugher's, Huber's, North Run, Lohr's

Maryland State Parks:  we recently rented this cabin at Herrington Manor State park.  It was so fun and nice.  There were tennis courts across the street, 5-8 miles of trails, and a lake that took 5 minutes to walk to.  The lake has a great beach and in the summer there is a lifeguard and open bath houses.  A 1-hr/day kayak rental is included in the price of the cabin.  I really enjoyed this trip and plan on going back this winter to enjoy the snow in the mountains.  This park was west of Deep Creek Lake but there are plenty that are close to Baltimore.  Check out the state park link above.

Do you have any fall traditions?
If you are in Baltimore, do you have more suggestions?

Rehoboth Beach

Have fun and enjoy the weather!!!

I wish you enough!

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