Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Garden Planning

It may be hard to think of when it is icy and cold outside but it's time to start thinking about the garden for this year.  I like to plan this far ahead mostly because it gets me through the cold winter by thinking about all the yummy veggies I will be munching on soon.

If you want to make seed starts inside it is time to order seeds and gather equipment.  A lot of seeds can be started as early as mid-March to be planted in the ground mid-May for our zone in Maryland.

Last year I ordered seeds from The Cooks Garden and they were great.  After browsing the catalogue last week I decided that I just want to plant too many things and need to pare it down a bit.  We usually plant two gardens: a small one in our yard, and a large one at the farm.  Last year we had about 24 tomato plants, 100 row feet of edamame, sweet potatoes and potatoes, and many plants of eggplant, peppers, cabbage, leeks, melon and winter squash.

For 2011 I would like to do a family style co-op garden project.   So I've invited people to share in the whole process of preparing, planting, grooming, and harvesting and I am hoping for a great first year.  My only worry is that last year we had more bugs than ever before so I need to research ways to control them without pesticides.

Wishing you a great winter, a renewing spring, and a bountiful summer!

If you have a gardening tips please share them with us.

I wish you enough!

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