Friday, February 10, 2012

Glass Bead Magnets

My co-workers and I are in need of drinking more water during the day.  So we decided to set up a system where the people who meet their goal get treated to a drink by the people who do not.  So far we haven't been too diligent about the rewards but I can definitely say that I work with some well hydrated women!

To keep track of our daily progress I made these:

And now we use the little gems to keep track on a chart.  To make them:
1. I traced one bead to make a template
2.  Used the template to cut out pictures or shapes from random magazines.

3.  Lined up and glued the picture to the bead, and let it dry.

4.  Once dry I applied an adhesive backed magnet cut to size.

**If I do this again I think I will glue the picture to the magnet, then glue that piece to the bead.  It would make the back look much nicer.

I wish you enough (magnets)!

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  1. Amazing talent Marisa ....pulling me like a magnet...Lourencia South Africa