Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cranberry Drinks, Appetizers and Sides

'Tis the season for cranberry dishes and I am going all out this year.  This is a snippet of what has been going on in my kitchen.

I'll start with this drink that would loosen you up a bit to have more fun in the kitchen.

For the link to the original recipe click here.

Cranberry Daiquiri
(6 servings)
Dissolve 1/2 cup sugar in 1/2 cup water in medium saucepan over medium heat. Add 1 cinnamon stick and 1/2 teaspoon grated orange peel; bring to boil. Mix in 1/2 cup cranberries and cook until cranberries begin to pop. 

Cool; discard cinnamon. Pour mixture into jar; add 1/2 cup light rum. Chill. 

Strain syrup into pitcher; reserve cranberries. 

Add 6 tablespoons each dark rum, light rum, cranberry juice, and lemon juice to pitcher. Chill. Serve in Martini glasses that have been filled with crushed ice. Garnish with reserved cranberries.

Coming up:
Cranberry Brie Bites
Cranberry Butternut Apple Bake

 I wish you enough!

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